PureBlast is a preferred blast media

Because of the non-hazardous nature of sodium bicarbonate, Genesis Alkali PureBlast is an environmentally friendly option. It is effective in removing contaminants and tough coatings in a wide variety of sensitive applications.

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The Effective Choice For Blasting

Sodium Bicarbonate is a softer blast media than sand, shot, and glass beads; its softer properties allow a gentler surface prep without damaging substrates. PureBlast low friability and frangibility properties relative to other sodablasting products enable users of our blast media brand to achieve higher production/removal rates.

While production rates can vary depending on conditions, we have some interesting results showing how well PureBlast compares to other bicarb brands on the market.

Benefits of PureBlast

  • Sodium bicarbonate is soft, 2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale so it does not damage the substrate. It can be used for surface prep on softer materials like fiberglass, plastics and wood.
  • PureBlast™ has low Friability and Frangibility values indicating the crystals are less fragile and therefore less susceptible to breakage.
  • One of the most important parameters to a contractor is the production/removal rate, used to estimate the cost of a job as well as measure the productivity of personnel throughout the job. Tests were run with two paint types, results are below.
  • Certificates: ISO 9001, GRAS, AWWA, NSF

Concrete, Brick and Pool Cleaning Graffiti Removal Sodablasting removes graffiti, paint, and grease , stripping dirt and grime without damage to the surface. It also removes scale, mold, and grime from pool tiles.
Food Service Applications Removes baked on grease and dried food leaving a 99.9% bacteria free surface without any damage to the finish of chrome plated or stainless steel fixtures.
Fire/Smoke/Mold Remediation Sodablasting mitigates smoke damage to wood, concrete, tiles, metal, etc. Bicarb cleans these damaged substrates back to their pre-fire condition while absorbing the odors in the process. PureBlast™ kills mold spores and removes mold growth from treated substrates.
Automotive Industry Sodablasting does not produce excessive heat like other abrasive blasting media, therefore PureBlast™ does not distort or discolor metal surfaces. It will not harm glass or chrome, yet it removes paints, fillers and rust.
Asphalt, tar, lubricant removal and surface prep Standard abrasive blasting is a dirty process, often loading and even embedding surfaces with contaminants (grease, oil, tar & abrasive particles) in the process of removing the coating. PureBlast™ Blast Media Grade effectively de-coats and cleans the substrate in one step, producing a level of cleanliness not seen in other blast processes.