New Age Blast Media

New Age Blast Media is manufactured from 100% recycled container glass. It directly helps reduce landfill waste and limits the use of more toxic slags. Non-reactive and inert, it can be used near and around water.

At 90 PSI, NABM requires less energy and allows for reduced cost on shipping, collection and disposal.

NABM delivers a natural whiter metal finish. It has significantly less embedment issues, up to 5 times less than slags and many other expendable abrasives. Dust is translucent which can allow for increased visibility and operator production.

Material Grades

Used for heavy to moderate work on tanks, pipes and ships.
3+ mil profile on steel surfaces
Used for moderate profiling on aluminum and steel structures, light rust and paint.
2.5+ mil profile on steel surfaces
Used on stainless steel, light mil scale, maintenance work, graffiti and restoration graffiti, wet and dry blasting.
1.0 to 2 mil profile on steel profile
Used for softer metal and substrates. Excellent for etching, degreasing on aluminum, car parts and wood.
.5 to 1 mil scale on steel surfaces

New Age Blast Media Certifications

  • Approved by the California Air Control Board (CARB)
  • Approved by the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
  • Approved by Navsea for QPL under Mil A22262B
  • 100% Environmentally safe, $100 Recycled Glass Blast Media